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TRE® Global Certification Training

In order to be able to teach TRE® to others, you need to take TRE® Global Certification Training and become a certified provider. 

Sae is one of only 4 certified TRE® Global Certification Trainers in Asia. She is currently offering certification program in Japan (in Japanese language), South Korea (in English) and Vietnam (in English), the Philippines (in English), and Pakistan (in English). If you are interested in TRE® Global Certification Training in Asia, please contact Sae. She will refer you to your closest location for the training which TRE® Asia team is offering throughout a year. Sae is also offering ad-hoc training for individuals and groups who are less privileged financially, if you fell in love with TRE and have passion for teaching TRE to others for good cause, please do not give up, contact Sae to see what can be possible!

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