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The coaching experience, through a series of planned programmes and physical exercises, is not only empowering my professional skills, but it enables me to think and reflect further, deep on my transformation as a better individual.

It was not an easy task of trying to manifest the narrative of my ‘best self’. But as a coach, Sae guided me through, in a conversational and collaborative manner, to find my own way of facing challenges and solving problems. It has then become a valuable set of skills in this endless journey of personal development.  Dytia, Indonesia

Seeing your partner in that state of surrender and vulnerability is quite a powerful experience that helps you connect in a way that verbal communication does not. 

So much of our daily connections are verbal and "in the head". To be able to connect in a way that's instinctive makes you see each other in a different light.  Chongwan, Singapore

Sae is a special one. She holds such safe and tender space in her group and private sessions, which enables participants to dive very deep into their bodies, to allow what has been awaiting expression to come to the surface to be revealed. I’d recommend a session with her to anyone in a heartbeat.  Diana, Singapore

Sae's supervision throughout my training is teaching me not only the techniques of TRE® but also how to 'be' a provider; the presence. The techniques are of course important. But Sae shows me 'the presence' of Social Engagement through her words and her way of being as a foundation in order to use the technique. I appreciate Sae's teaching as she taught me TRE® as if it is 'Tao' (道)like Kado or Kendo, which requires constant process of self- inquiry.   R.A, Japan

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