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The body is amazing engineering; within its designs and processes lies its ability to cope with and recover from stress, tension, and even trauma. We are resilient.

Even while modern living includes stress that did not exist for our ancestors, our body still knows what to do. The problem is only that we have stopped our body from doing what it knows to do.

This is where TRE® or Tension, Stress & Trauma Release Exercise comes in. Based on Dr David Berceli's work with traumatized populations in the Middle East and Africa, TRE® is a series of exercises that activate the body's natural reflex mechanism that releases tension and calms the nervous system. This work invites the body to safely complete the stress response that no longer resolves as it should due to our sedentary lifestyle and social conditioning that shaking is wrong.


The natural response to threat is fight or flight. In both cases, biochemical changes in the body enable it to better fight or escape. This includes redistributing energetic resources to the systems most important for survival, such as the respiratory, circulatory, and muscular, away from systems that do not matter in acute crisis, such as digestion and reproduction. Hormones, including cortisol, circulate in the body and to naturally complete the stress response, the body ramps down through action and motion, such as fighting or running away.

Today many people live with chronic stress, with an activated sympathetic nervous system. Instead of a predator, the threat is work stress, relationship challenges, money worries, health scares, tangible though not physical enough for us to fight or flight and discretely and distinctly resolve in each instance. Like animals that cannot fight nor escape, people resort to the freeze response. Unlike animals that literally shake it out (should they survive the attack), people do not. Furthermore many people prolong the event's deleterious effects by ruminating, replaying it in their head, and hashing it out with their friends. Without the natural resolution of the stress response, the body and mind become depleted and susceptible to burnout, illness, and breakdown in various areas of life.



Learning TRE® empowers people. By releasing stress and healing trauma, a person connects to their wholeness in a way that improves all areas of their life and their community.

Doing these exercises regularly and consistently helps release daily stresses and even deeper layers experienced years before and builds resilience to not only cope with and also recover from challenges with greater ease. TRE®, for example, has been used with military personnel to support recovery from Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder. Dr Berceli continues his work with TRE® globally in war zones and for disaster relief initiatives. Because TRE is a natural response that requires no languaging, it transcends many barriers and can benefit everyone.

Living from this space of awareness, resilience, and wholeness reconnects people to their desire and ability to realize their potential...and from there, anything is possible.

While TRE® is safe for most people, those with a history of deep trauma or psychological conditions need to first consult their medical practitioner and Certified TRE® provider. This is to ensure appropriate support and integration.

Sae is offering Online TRE sessions. Please contact Sae for the details.

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