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The body is amazing engineering; within its designs and processes lies its ability to cope with and..

Integral Coaching

Integral Coaching® works with a client as their full complete selves. This means looking at all the domains, inner..

TRE® Certification Course

In order to be able to teach TRE® to others, you need to take TRE® Global Certification Training and become..

Humanitarian Work

Khalida Sae has wanted to do humanitarian work since she was 12. After a decade plus in the field, she found TRE®..

Therapy Sessions

TRE® Certification Trainer , Life Coach



Retreat &


Throughout Asia, Khalida Sae is offering workshops and retreats to international organizations, business..


Originally from Japan where she is currently based, Khalida Sae Kani has lived in the UK, Indonesia, East Timor, Vietnam..

The coaching experience, through a series of planned programmes and physical exercises, is not only empowering my professional skills, but it enables me to think and reflect further, deep on my transformation as a better individual.

It was not an easy task of trying to manifest the narrative of my ‘best self’. But as a coach, Sae guided me through, in a conversational and collaborative manner, to find my own way of facing challenges and solving problems. It has then become a valuable set of skills in this endless journey of personal development.

Dytia, Indonesia

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