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Humanitarian Work


Sae has wanted to do humanitarian work since she was 12. After a decade plus in the field, she found TRE® and immediately saw its benefits for not only those requiring aid but also those giving it. Humanitarian work is long-term, monitoring progress over decades as the goal is to teach people to fish, rather than handing them fish. Sae sees that by sharing TRE®, she is teaching people how to fish. As TRE® is the body's natural response, there is no need to talk about what may be shameful and traumatic. Instead, people are united in the common desire to move through and beyond the disaster and atrocities that occurred.

Sae is currently supporting TRE providers and community workers in Nepal and Vietnam as her ongoing life mission to serve the most vulnerable. 

If you want to know more about humanitarian aspect of TRE work, please contact Sae for more information. 

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