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Integral Coaching


Integral Coaching® works with a client as their full complete selves. This means looking at all the domains, inner and outer worlds, and the social context in which the client is embedded. What is it that makes the client who they are?  What are the forces that have created the patterns and matrix coursing through their lives? What is most helpful for the client now? By delving deep and wide, a personal template is created to best connect the client to their goals and visions.

This approach draws from a range of disciplines including biology, cognitive science, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, and spirituality. The focus is on development, using presence, mindfulness, and inquiry. These self-observation exercises and practices build a strong foundation for the client to gain greater fluidity within their own being.

Whether it is for long-term excellence or immediate clarity, Integral Coaching® is a holistic method to bring about desired and needed changes in the client's life, moving them towards more possibilities and a more authentic and fulfilling life. Every Integral Coach® practitioner strives to make a positive impact.

Please contact Sae for further information on Integral Coaching program which she offers.

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