Retreat & Private sessions

Throughout Asia, Sae is offering workshops and retreats to international organizations, business corporations, and groups and individuals according to their needs. It can range from staff capacity building, team building, company R&R (Rest & Recreation), couple therapies and personal development. Please contact Sae for consulting what is possible for your needs and wants.


Sae's personal sessions 

​90 min Fee:20,000 Yen


30 min of counseling session to see where you are at right now and assess what you would need right now for yourself. Typically 60 min TRE session will follow however if I see if other modalities are more suitable for your needs, I can offer other options, too.  

Including an hour energy balancing and adjustment session

150 min Fee: 25,000 yen

Special Sessions for couples! (same sex couples are also welcome)
















TRE & Somatic Counseling, but it is not normal TRE and not normal head-based counseling. This is a session to 'feel' each other's presence and regain the sense of connection and intimacy, and appreciation towards your partner. TRE with Tantric Twist, I would say. This is my most favorite session. 

Our daily life is so busy and so stressful. We slowly lose our sense of authentic connection with our partner. This is the time to 'feel' them again. Falling in love once again! 

180min Fee: USD300 (JPY30,000) for two people

Please come to the beautiful session room in front of Mr. Fuji. You can take an over night stay in Fujiyoshida and Kawaguchiko with nice hot spring treat for yourself and loved one!

90 min with a highway bus from Shinjuku Basta (get off at FujiQ Highland)

120min from Shinjuku with JR (change at Otuki and Fujikyu Line - get off at FujiQ Highland station)

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